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⚙️Ubuntu Portrait setup
If you didn't set up the portrait profile's infrastructure, please do so by running the command docker-compose --profile portrait up.

Access this link to interact with the application's web user interface. Use the ubuntu:ubuntu credentials for login.


Ubuntu Portrait is a lightweight piece of software that runs on an Ubuntu server and allows users to control it through their browsers. Furthermore, it allows anonymous Internet users to profit from a range of free actions, such as changing the format of an image.


  • Logging in with the credentials of the operating system
  • Listing details of the user, such as the UID
  • Accessing open utilities, which are distributed for free to Internet users
    • Converting the format of an image
  • Exploring the file system by running commands from an allow list
  • Uploading tar archives to the user's home
  • Entering the recovery mode if the credentials were lost


It should be deployed on-premise, on each host that wanted to be accessible and (partially) managed via a web interface.